Friday, February 26, 2010

Out of my head and onto the 'net!

I've been meaning to blog, but barely finding the time. Alot of madness has been going on in our house this summer. Joining the Edible landscaping/Urban farmer revolution, we borrowed a tiller from home depot and made an area for grandma to grow some food. Thanks to Greg who tilled with me and the hubby... we were sore for days afterwards. Along with my area, and hers, I'd say we have at least 100 sq.ft of growing space so far.

In the Spring, the lake county extension office gave me 13 chicks. All of them have been given away to other homes, and we kept one as a pet. Unfortunately, our pet chicken who was supposed to give us eggs turned out to be a rooster. "Bully" is his name. He thinks he's people.
He came over to our back door, and peered in while we were eating dinner (Coincidentally it was chicken). Since chickens are not allowed in our village, a rooster would definitely be a no-no.
He was sent off to Grandpa's house and is probably surrounded by vegetables in a stewpot.

Future plans are in the works for a Beehive, and pet chickens (for eggs) in our little patch of heaven.

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