Sunday, April 10, 2011

Front yard garden..finally Started Edible landscaping to french potager.

I asked my friend Tony "so whatcha doing on saturday?"
"Digging up your lawn." Tony answered.  He knows me all too well.

A team of seven adults took on my front lawn on Saturday 4/9/2011.
After a hearty breakfast of home-made Bacon waffles, we headed outside.

we started to removed the sod, and very early into the day my neighbor came out and voiced her disapproval. I love her to pieces, but it's a shame she cannot love me for who I am. An urban homesteader with a streak for edible landscaping!
She said "You're not digging up my lawn, are you?! Do you know where the property line is?"
I put my finger in a pipe in the ground. That was the end of the property line.
She asked me if I was sure, and I nodded yes, because there's another pipe on the other side of my house to show the other property line. I told her I gave her 8" of margin, too. But the truth was, I gave her 3 feet of margin.  ...le sigh. c'est la vie. I even kept the rows sodded because I thought she'd appreciate it more. Maybe in a year or two I'll go with the original plan of pea gravel so it'll be an authentic french potager.

We were able to put in the lavender, and the red mulch, so towards the end, it came together Very nicely. :)

Happy with the results! Half of the yard done... the other half for another day.
I am SOOOOO Sore, but it was well worth it.

People slowed down as they drove by yesterday.  I can't tell if the look they were giving was good or bad. Today I notice people walking by and stopping in front to look at it... also can't tell if it's a good or bad look, but I love it.

This took two years to research. Special thanks to:
Shawna Coronado owner of the Casual Gardener Company for advice
Fritz Haeg author of edible Estates who I also emailed and received advice
Pamela Yokoyama from four seasons landscaping who helped with my mockup/design
The Mundelein building dept/Village who told me I have the green light to do this.
My friends/labor team :)


  1. Holly, it's awesome. Love it. I am sure is going to look even better when everything is blooming :) Congrad....

  2. It looks awesome!! and sidenote... mmm.. bacon waffles..

  3. Blaze that trail! Don't know if the Village staffers were actually "supportive", but I'm glad to know they didn't get in the way!

    ... and what good friends you have!

  4. What kind of lumber did you use? Bacon Waffles Mmmm... You could've posted a recipe too you know.

  5. I read this post due to the comment " you digging up your lawn"-too funny. I can relate...we are from the suburbs of north and after college moved and raised a family in central illinois near the mississippi river! Everyone has the same old 50's landscaping which consist of evergreen, mulch and grass! I have been hearing that from my neighbors for years except they said, " Will you leave any grass!" You are very brave and I admire you a lot for tackling a front yard potager. Mine is in my backyard, however, I do have veggies in the front yard but they are in beds not formal raised beds...great job-it will look great!

  6. looks great! i was flipping through a home magazine the other day and saw a full article on someone else who had turned their front yard into a garden. made me think of you. :) hope you're well!