Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nuts for Walnuts-Ha!

Went back last night w/the kids to the walnut tree. Loaded up half of a cart with as many walnuts as we could find. Mental note: have to go back in a few days with nets or poles to knock down the higer ones.

Tonight the fam and I will be rounding up apples from a nearby orchard to donate to a food pantry. It still amazes me that this all is a result of "just ask". Being a member of the GLMV Jaycees (our local Jaycee chapter) is really useful for those situations... like when we were apple picking and thinking "Boy there sure are alot of apples on the ground that are perfectly good". Got to talking w/the owner of the orchard and they said they would like to donate to the local foodbank, but lack the manpower- ENTER the Dragon!!! er... the Jaycees! local volunteers :)

Just a :30 minute to 1 hr session of rounding apples surprisingly fills 10+ Boxes for the needy. Amazing what we have within our power to do...

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