Sunday, November 14, 2010

$5000 on 1/10th of an acre?

Hi all,

It's close to 1AM, so I am just going to write a couple lines, and keel over onto the mattress. Recently, I've been toying with the idea of getting ALL my property taxes back to me in the form of food.

I came to the realization today that my property tax is almost like having a trophy wife. Paying thousands of dollars on land that is just sitting there. (I am not contemplating the what the tax money is used for, etc... but rather the fact that each square foot or whatever of my land is costing me $XX). Then there's the cost for accessories and procedures for making my land look pretty. My neighbors can choose to envy it, or hang out with it, or maybe sleep with it - JK on the last one, but you get what I'm saying here. My trophy wife is costing me money and just laying there.

WELL HELLO!!!?!?! Starting this coming spring, this land is getting off it's lazy butt and GETTING A JOB. I have given it an ultimatum. Pull your weight around here! Pay me rent money~!

The average duplex in my subdivision pays a tax of $5336.00
So how can I possibly make this land give me that much in groceries? Then there's the water it'll require. Hopefully the two rain barrels will help that (although there IS the cost of the rain barrels).

The Dervaes family in Pasadena makes $30k/year off their backyard, but that is selling to restaurants, and having California weather all year long.

If they can make 30k, I'm hoping I can make at least $5000 in veggies just for my family. I will have to get a scale, and a notebook to keep track of how many pounds or bunches of things I get and multiply it by the retail price at Dominick's (a local grocery where we buy food). I should also keep accurate detail of cost of supplies for the backyard. I have planted all the trees I will ever need or can cram into my place, so we can start calculating from spring 2011. By the fall of 2011, I hope to reach a nice sum of money saved on groceries.

Sigh... that is alot to ask out of a lazy person (me). Scratch that, My dreams are to be lazy, but I know myself better. I mean, I am dead tired, and thought I'd write two lines and go to bed. Yet here I am still blogging.

Ok world. I've declared war! and ...I'm going to bed :)!!

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