Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Oh man, has this blog been neglected.

I've occasionally walked by it and pretended not to notice it sitting there begging me for an update. It's gotten to the point where I'd try not to make eye contact.
However, a TON has happened since last post,and that is the reason why I haven't updated in so long. The Back, side, and front gardens produce so much, I've opened a botique CSA for asian vegetables to my closest friends...

The frontyard Potager is nowhere near where I'd hoped it'd be. For some reason, the pages upon pages I did of french royalty and their intricate geometric designs on their land.... turned into this:The seeds didn't even cooperate with me. Half failed to germinate, and all that dirt we filled into the garden boxes up and dissappered with every rainfall!! This will be a trial and error... and if anything it tells me to try harder next year. However, to abandon hope of intricate patterns, and just go for something that flows well. It may be all herbs and edible flowers in the front... We'll see. It actually doesn't look bad at all. Just Sparse. Parsley and rosemary seemed to grow EXTREMELY well. Same for Chives, and green onions.

We bought a rabbit hutch off of Craigslist, and gave it a fresh coat of paint. Our two pet hens "Watermelon" and "bully" are both clucking around in there. Last year's rooster seemed infinitely friendlier in comparison... The ladies this year are snooty, and timid. I can imagine them in their Jane Austen era dresses clucking away their disapproval. HA! That's alright. We love you just the same, ladies.

The chickens have gone from this:

to this:

Time flies!

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