Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Starting Seedlings for 2012

It had been months of staring at seed catalogues prior to this. Amongst the groups I'm a part of, there was this hilarious picture that describes my fanatical drooling over the photos in vegetable seed catalogues:

Here's a list of some of the seeds I have chosen to grow in 2012

Shiso Perilla (Korean sesame leaf)
Chinese Garlic Chive
Rainbow Mini bell peppers
Rainbow Full size bell peppers
acorn/Butternut squash (Got mixed up and I can't tell em apart)
turban squash
Long of naples squash (a gamble w.germination bult rare in the USA)
Orange hubbard squash
scarlet runner beans-prizewinner (photo to right)
Scarlet runner beans - DWARF Hestia
rainbow swiss chard
rainbow carrot
Thai basil
Italian Basil - regular
Italian spicy Globe basil
purple broccoli
Black Palm kale
marigold flower
Balsam flower
viola/Johnny jump up flower
Cosmos flower

I'm getting some Jalapeno and Zucchini from my friend Pam
and some currant bushes and borage from my friend Ed.

It looks like too much... and it probably is. I got the kids involved, and showed the technique of using a pen to make the hole, and leaving the holes until you're done with that seed type. This way, you know which cells already have seeds in them.

The girls are always super excited...

I let the little guy do the tomatoes in the jiffy pellets. Tomatoes are probably the easiest and most forgiving seed known to mankind. Break a sucker off the plant, throw it on the ground, and it grows! The seeds fall to the ground and you're practically overrun with tomatoes. It's a relative of the nightshade, which is a weed... if that's any indicator.
                                      Cliffs: Tomatoes are so easy a 3 yr old can kick butt at it.

I took the cell flats to my office where it's consistently warmer and sunnier, but left the tomato flat at home so the kids can see the sprouts when they come up. :)

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