Monday, May 14, 2012

The Chicks are Here!

The chicks are here!
Hip hip hooray!
The chicks are here...
The fountain of youth of yellow fuzz will appear,
if only for one or two weeks of the year!

Yeah, I think I sprained something in my brain making up that little ditty...  -_-*
Well, as the title suggest, the chicks are here at our house.  The first of three schools dropped them off. 

Every year we get the chicks from local schools who have incubated and hatched them.
We find them good homes which range from farms out of town, acreages down south in Illinois, backyard chickeners all over the city, and hobby farmers.

In the week or two it takes to arrange pickup or drop-off, the kids gleefully pet the chicks, feed them, socialize them, and generally squeal with excitement.  

Much to the dismay of the rest of my family, I sometimes let them loose in the house.

Balls of fuzz with little yellow feet...
Keeps us awake at night with "cheep cheep".
Sweet and yellow, peeping little chicks.
It may be, that in truth,
 I am just as (if not more excited) than the kids.

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