Saturday, July 21, 2012

Raw Flax Seeds

A co-worker/friend of mine was on the raw diet.  I never knew much about flax seeds except that it was something hip right now. However, come to learn there is a lot of flax seed in her raw foods she would make. She gave me a few of her raw foods she had made in the dehydrator, and truthfully some were really good, and some were - meant to be baked (sorry! you know I love you!!)

Well, she gave me some flax seeds in a container, and when I got home I sprinkled them on the ground.

Some may argue this is my usual face as I'm gardening. 

Soooo  update on that experiment:     The flax flowers are now blooming, and they are beautiful!
(albeit small) and you get to harvest more flax seeds!  I've also bought a bag of flaxseeds, and I'm trying to incorporate it into  more of the foods I make,
as you cannot deny the high fiber content (among other health benefits) of those teeny little things! 

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