Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Update on the office garden.

In late winter, I will start seedlings in my office. They are started on the windowsill, and transplanted into plastic solo cups (that my company uses for water), and then planted into my garden :)
I've been incredibly blessed to have a boss that not only lets me do this to my office, but he somewhat encourages it. We hold meetings in my office, and he says the air must be fresher in here because of all the plants. Who knows! But they are nice to look at when the sun lands on them.

I'm currently growing 6 pots of Basil, a pepper plant, an eggplant, and soon to be a bell pepper plant. I've harvested the basil and given them to an accountants office down the hall, and I do see some eggplants coming.

The only problems I've come across so far is, they turn kind of like houseplants or other officeplants that have crystals on top of the soil. I notice they grow alot slower than ones I have in the ground, and the growth is restricted most likely because they are in small plastic cups.

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