Thursday, October 27, 2011

Silly Gourds and Pumpkins

The last two years, the girls have been in the 4-H cloverbuds of Grayslake.
I remember as a child I wanted to be in 4-H soooo badly, but I grew up in the city of Chicago.
There weren't many farm animals in the big city. Maybe alley rats?

Well, the girls helped out at the 4-H Pumpkin sale at Saddlebrook farms...

The prices were really reasonable. $1 for carvable ones,$2, $3, and $5 for the largest ones.
So we ended up with quite a haul of pumpkins to take home. I also bought half a bag of the teeniest tiniest gourds they had.

(we have like... 5 more since this picture was taken)

The girls also carved pumpkins at 4-H this month, so needless to say our neighbors have started calling us "the pumpkin house".    Around the time I got all the pumpkins, there were kids smashing pumpkins in the neighborhood, so every night I was afraid we'd wake up to find them gone, or a massacre in the street in front of us.  They were definitely on our block, but ours remained untouched.  :Phew:
I want to say it's because they knew how punk I am, and thought we were too cool to do bad things to...

but who knows!

I'll have another post up with the carved pumpkins, because as it stands right now, half are carved and half are not.  Here are some gourds with faces I drew on.  I was thinking of the little dust sprites from "spirited away".  I couldn't help myself...that one gourd looked just like my favorite yellow angry bird. The kids thought it was hilarious.

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