Monday, October 31, 2011

Applesuace making- apple foraging

We foraged a ton of apples from someone in the subdivision. They had a tree fully loaded with apples, and a plethora littering the ground, so I quickly surmised they weren't eating them. I picked one up on the walk home with the kids, and we tried it. It was sooooo sweet and soooooo crunchy. I can't figure out what kind of apple it is, but it's yellow and red, and it seemed to hang on past frost! I want to guess Gala.
The kids and I stopped by three times to ring the doorbell  before someone was home. The guy of European heritage said, "Take them all, please.  You can climb the tree, whatever- take them all!" HALLELUJAH! I made applesauce out it, and it was delicious. In the past, I've had to add sugar to homemade apple sauces, and I was nonplussed, but this stuff was the shit! (pardon my ...American).

It was soooo freakin good. I Didn't have to add sugar or anything.

         Momsi washing the foraged apples (she did say ewww to some, but I am glad they can see apples as they truly are in nature - imperfections, and all.)

I also googled applesauce recipes on the Internet, and found one where you put the apples in the blender, and then pour them into a pot. Therefore you only had to warm up the applesauce, or cook it for a little while. GENIUSES!
Kel  Cutting apples with me

I made sure to come back to get more apples, and to give the tree owner a jar of applesauce and some concord grapes as well.  With the future foraging visits, I will make cinnamon apples, so I hope to make a pie for him as well. I am glad to make a connection with my neighbors, and to give them back some of what they give to me.

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