Monday, February 21, 2011

The Snow dragon of Snowmageddon

I don't know how I managed to forget to post this!

But there was a crazy blizzard a few weeks ago of biblical proportions!
I believe it was 3 or 4 feet of snow, and basically at 7pm my village gave up on plowing subdivisions, so if you weren't home by then you most likely weren't going to be home.

Well after my husband and I took 2 hours to shovel our very short driveway, the kids pretty much played in the snow all day.

I went out about an hour or two before sunset and told him I'll make him a snow dragon.
Especially since the next day was Chinese new year! Although a friend of mine did point out that it was the year of the rabbit... but NO MATTER! What's a chinese new year without a dragon!! So my husband was like "have fun, see ya".

About an hour into it, I asked him to come out and help color the dragon.
He had to pick his jaw up off the ground because I completely failed to mention that it might be scale 1:1 Hey it wouldn't be awesome unless you could sit on the back!

Forming it's body and spraying with a bottle of water and food coloring

From the back (standing in the street)

His eye was a small ball with a GE Logo on it but it worked perfectly!

One hand up in the air like the rodeo riders! YEEEE HAWWW

I'm the unassuming one in my pajamas

In hindsight, a fishing buddy pointed out that if I had sprayed KOOLAID or JELLO instead of water and food coloring, that this would truly be an edible landscaping project for the winter!!! :) Hrmmmmm Tempting. Very tempting, but it'd be hard to tell if you'd really want to eat that patch of snow or not. And whose to say the yellow snow was really the lemonade flavor and not dog pee!?

But I might definitely keep that in mind. It'd be cool to taste it on the first day.

Updates while it's Gray as balls outside.

I apologize that I've been so lazy on the upkeep of this place.
I know those dishes shoulda been done, and the floor looks like it's in need of some sweeping, and vacuuming. But I look at the mess everywhere and sigh and flop over on the couch instead. C'est la Vie....

So lately, I have been trying to figure out what to do with the front yard.
I have two designs... one that's very functional-basically a Garden, and the other which is nicely stylish-true to the meaning of Landscape design.

LAYOUT 1 (horizontal)

LAYOUT2 (Vertical)

And these are the only layouts that are in the computer. There's maybe 10 more that weren't uploaded.

At this point, I can't tell whether I'm craving more maintenance and more veggies, or less maintenance and more fruit bushes. ::scratches head:: yarg.
But I have been thinking that I should be able to get enough blueberries that I no longer have to drive 3 hours to the nearest U-Pick blueberry place.
And that if I'm going to put in strawberries, I might as well put in enough so I don't have to pay/drive to the U-Pick place for that either.

On that note, I've noticed that celery which used to range from 88 cents-$1.00 is not some obscene amount like 2.99 I believe it was blamed on the weather and gas prices, but it was a sober reminder to me that I could either grow it myself, or part with hard earned money for it.

In some way I need to marry the two. Form and Function.
Not to mention my neighbor who loves her lawn might have an aneurysm and claim I'm bringing the property values down. Y'see... this is where me being a peacekeeper gets hard.
Fruits? Veggies? Low maintenance? High maintenance? Where's the sun? Can't plant high stuff there and shade everything out! how can I do this but not be the village eyesore? How can I Maximize my produce and fruit so my property pays me in groceries. the words swirl around and around my head like that simpsons episode:

I figure after all the thought and contemplation, it'll just somehow be a merger between the above 2 designs :)