Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Scandinavian mobile aaaaaand Pinterest

I've seen Pinterest emerging and growing...
I tried to hold off, because I feel I've reached my comfort level with thing that displays my innards on the intarweb.   However, when my coworker sent me the Pinterest invite twice, then followed up asking if I had joined, I had to.

I just had to!! 
For the sake of coworkerly love, I HAD TO.

As much as I've pinned a few interesting things for my own home in my "for le chateau de Holz", I've made right with the world by putting up a few things on there. 

Took two oranges and sliced them. about 1/4" thick.

Placed on the oven racks at 200 degrees. Turned the oven off every so often to keep them from truly cooking.

A few were scrapped... but the ones that worked, I tied fishing line to them, and threaded a leaf (poked a hole in leaf with toothpick).

Took a branch from outside (white pine), and tied them in a way that would make the branch horizontal. (weight/scale kind of thing)

I happened to have a teeny tiny orange from a box of Satsuma mandarins I bought, but if you don't have that I'm sure you could use a Cinnamon stick, or a bird, or anything to be the middle weight. Looks fine without a middle weight, too.

good luck!

December broccoli? That's ridic!

I walked outside to check on the side garden, aka the barren wasteland, and I saw the Atlantis Hybrid Broccoli that was still in the ground.  I had neglected to pull them out, because I knew they could handle cold weather.

However, nothing could have prepared me for...


That's just crazy! December 23rd, in Zone 5a!
Anyway, I just had to share that madness... they were just sitting there chillin' (literally) but not frozen.

Still picked some of the small flowers, and sauteed them with oil and garlic.  They were sweeter because of the cold.   This made me contemplate a whole arsenal of cold weather possibilities for next year. Maybe kale, spinach, and more broccoli or brussel sprouts. However, I'm not sure I want so many brassicas. It'd be a caterpillar paradise in the summer.