Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Scandinavian mobile aaaaaand Pinterest

I've seen Pinterest emerging and growing...
I tried to hold off, because I feel I've reached my comfort level with thing that displays my innards on the intarweb.   However, when my coworker sent me the Pinterest invite twice, then followed up asking if I had joined, I had to.

I just had to!! 
For the sake of coworkerly love, I HAD TO.

As much as I've pinned a few interesting things for my own home in my "for le chateau de Holz", I've made right with the world by putting up a few things on there. 

Took two oranges and sliced them. about 1/4" thick.

Placed on the oven racks at 200 degrees. Turned the oven off every so often to keep them from truly cooking.

A few were scrapped... but the ones that worked, I tied fishing line to them, and threaded a leaf (poked a hole in leaf with toothpick).

Took a branch from outside (white pine), and tied them in a way that would make the branch horizontal. (weight/scale kind of thing)

I happened to have a teeny tiny orange from a box of Satsuma mandarins I bought, but if you don't have that I'm sure you could use a Cinnamon stick, or a bird, or anything to be the middle weight. Looks fine without a middle weight, too.

good luck!

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