Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Honey

If you've never heard of MY HONEY, it's this little ma&pa (literally) owned store in Richmond, IL where you can buy honey by the pound if you bring in your own glass jars. Since I can preserves, I have tons of glass jars. Not only that, my friends give me all their empty pasta sauce, and other glass jars they get from the store, so that works out swimmingly. Every time we go to lake Geneva, or anywhere up route 12, I MUST Stop by there. I like to look at the hive in a cabinet. Which always makes me ponder converting my cabinet to a beehive, but I DIGRESSSSSSSSS...

If you're ever around Richmond, IL be sure to stop by there. I am always "awwwwed" by the cute husband and wife team who run the place, and the guy is VERY Knowledgeable.

He will spend time telling you how to get started with your own bees, and associations you can join or meetings you can attend. He is a Font of knowledge! :) http://www.myhoneyco.com/

We went yesterday (while waiting for the marmalade to sit for 18 hours) and it was $3.49/lb for honey when you bring your own jars. Clover, Wildflower, and Cranberry.  I'll take a picture of the jars tonight so you can see the gorgeous colors.

I have an affinity for dark foods, so when I choose maple syrup, hot chocolate, or honey,
I choose the darkest!!!!

The wildflower honey was coffee colored. Mmmmm
They didn't pay me to put this here, but God bless them, they are a cute pair with a cute store!!

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