Monday, January 2, 2012

Making Marmalade

Well, the new year is upon us...
I made a plan in my head to go to three different stores and run a bunch of errands. However, after breakfast, I noticed we had a plethora of Oranges.
"Hrmmmmmmmm" I thought, " I COULD make some marmalade..."  so I pulled out the 'ol Ball Blue book of canning or something like that in name, and Looked up the orange marmalade recipe.

I don't know why, but on the first page of the marmalade chapter was citrus marmalade, and I thought well...this is probably it.  The directions say to boil the rinds of a grapefruit, and toss the water away.
While turning the pages looking for a possible persimmon preserves to use all these persimmons my parents gave me, I found ORANGE MARMALADE in a separate entry and was like WTF.  close call! AMIRITE?!

Orange marmalade recipe says not to throw out the water.
Simmer rinds, and pulp of oranges and lemon slices for 5 minutes.  Then, let the pot sit somewhere for 12-18 hours. Of course, I start all this before realizing how long it takes. That's ok. I can still go out during the 12-18 hour sitting time.
after first boil

After it sits for 12-18 hours, you bring it to a boil again until all the rinds are soft.

Then, for every cup of boiled slurry you have, you add 1 cup sugar.

It reduces down and down... I swear I stirred it for
an hour and a half while the kids watched all of Kung fu Panda 2

Here's the final product, which has reached the gelling point.  It's much clearer than when we first started, and it's thick enough that the orange rinds are not floating to the top - not even in processing.

All in all, well worth it. I think it tasted SO good! I was in heaven.
Orange marmalade always reminds me of my grandpa, and my mom always had a jar of it in the house when I was a kid.  I disliked the taste, but would continue to eat it for nostalgia.
Now, It has not only flavor, but memories... and this was a GREAT recipe.

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